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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

economist4-distant.jpgLanguage is more than just the combination of words.

A competent interpreter must be a communications expert. Interpreters must perfectly master not only the source language and the target language, but also command comprehensive background knowledge of both the topic and the cultural particulars of the speaker.  These subtleties would be lost if the translator did not have the ability to quickly change from one language to another and, with nuance and tact, bring across the thoughts and feelings of the speaker to mixed audiences.

We believe that only interpreters who are suitably qualified both linguistically and in terms of subject background knowledge can deliver the level of quality that you require for your project.
The interpreters in our network have proved their skills both in professional practice and through their membership in national and international interpreter-related professional associations such as VKD and AIIC.

We provide simultaneous intrepreters for business German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. 

Our network members have extensive and varied international communication experience.
More information about the translation of conference materials (conference proceedings, internet publications, multilingual events lists and minutes) as well as simultaneous interpretation in other languages is available upon request.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our services.

Written translation

Written translation

In a “globalized” world, where the demand for translation has risen to more than 2 billion pages in the countries of the European Union alone, with approximately 165,000 regularly-published scientific journals and 20,000 scientific articles being published every day, the marketplace of multilingual possibilities is teeming with translators of extremely different opinions and abilities.

A good translation, one that preserves the content of the original text while following the rules of the target language, depends not only upon the translators’ mastery of both the source and target languages, but also on their know-how and intuition in both subject-specific and stylistic regards.  

Diese Bedingungen setzen eine gründliche Ausbildung und ständige Weiterbildung voraus und sind nur von Fachkräften – bei veröffentlichungsreifen Übersetzungen zusätzlich in Zusammenarbeit zwischen einem Muttersprachler der Ausgangs- und einem der Zielsprache zu erfüllen.

These requirements call for thorough initial training as well as continuing education, and can only be properly satisfied by qualified specialists.  Texts intended for internal use, where understanding is the most important quality, can be handled by non-native speakers.  Texts intended for publication, however, require the skills of native speakers of both the target and source languages to achieve the level of linguistic precision demanded

To ensure not only the consistent use of subject-related terminology but also a uniform writing style, independent teams working within the network are coordinated by a single person.

When placing your translation order, please heed the following suggestions:

  1. Early notice about your need for a translation as well as preparation of the text well before your deadline allows the translator due time for thorough completion of the task.
  2. The translator should have the ability to familiarize him- or herself with the conventional terminology required by the project.  Direct dialog between the translator and the person in charge of the project can serve this purpose, as can background documentation.  In accordance with our policy, all documents supplied by the customer for this purpose are kept strictly confidential.  Close cooperation between the customer and the translator is a prerequisite for a good end product.
  3. After placing your order via email or fax, please make sure that your message was in fact received by us.  As a rule, we send an additional confirmation of the assignment.

And please let us know after you have checked and distributed your text how our work was received by your customers.

Intensive language courses

Intensive language courses

dgbsem_kl.jpgIn the global market, the language competence of a company’s specialists and executive staff play a crucial role a company’s ability to achieve the desired success.

Our intensive language courses help to address this issue.

Our business language seminars are based on a framework of language and skill-development courses with audiovisual support, whose effectiveness is supplemented by current material from political and economic arenas.  A detailed intensive training of linguistic and international communication skills helps to ensure the retention of learned material, which in turn imparts the participants security in their further international presentations & negotiations.

Great importance is placed on the practical relevance of the knowledge and skills addressed in the courses.

The seminars available within the framework of the training program are organized into modules and can be completed in any order or modified relative to situation-specific requirements.


  • Basic and Advanced Language Skills
    (Intensive repetition and practicing of the most important lexical and grammatical foundations)
  • Business Contacts
    (Preparation and post-processing of business contacts, telephone conversations, organizational questions)
  • Business Etiquette
    (confidence in business situations through intercultural competence)
  • Conversational Skills
    (Small talk, socializing, “general” language skills for both formal and informal situations)
  • Negotiating Skills
    (important strategies for negotiating in a foreign language)
  • Stress- und Konfliktmanagement im betrieblichen Umfeld
    (strategies and ways to abate stress and de-escalate conflicts)

Many other modules (for example for the development of linguistic skills in written contact, fundamentals of corporate development, negotiation with banks, personnel management, etc.) can be individually arranged.

Each course is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your assignment and corporation.

We are happy to provide additional information.  Please feel free to contact us via email, fax or phone.