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Simultaneous interpretation for conferences and symposiums (selection)
(in addition to recurring assignments in the fields of medicine, political research, market research, telephone conferences, or missions as a liaison interpreter)

14th Annual Symposium & Conference of the German Hernia Society, Würzburg (2016)

Cynosure Advanced Symposium (Consulting Conference Interpreter), Berlin (2016)  

HBS Congress "Flight And Migration", Berlin (2016)

Media Awards Ceremony, RBK, Berlin (2016)

AGM Greentech AG, Berlin (2016)

Offshore Wind Energy Conference ‚Windforce’, Bremen (2016)

REVAL Symposium Treasury And Risk Management, Berlin (2016)

VBG Conference Electrical Engineering, C&I and IT in Power Plants, Köln (2016)

Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank, Frankfurt (2016)

Study Programme for Political Bloggers and Social-Media Editors from Subsaharan Africa, Berlin (2016)

Conference "Change for Sustainability — Will Germany Be the Pioneer?", Berlin (2016)

Global Forum on Incontinence, Berlin (2016)

11th Breastfeeding and Lactation Symposium, Berlin (2016)

Project symposium„DEMO:POLIS " and "WE TRADERS“, Berlin (2016)

Management Seminar for Security Providers (SMT), Berlin (2016)

Annual Meeting of the NFP Network of OSCE (Consulting Conference Interpreter), Berlin (2016)

IQ Symposium „The Future of the EU Labour Market“, Berlin (2016)

Audit Committee + Supervisory Board Meeting, Pelikan AG, Falkensee (2016)

International Conference of the World Taxpayer Federation, Berlin (2016) 

ITB Forum on the EU Strategy for the Danube Area, Berlin (2016) 

Symposium Low Temperature Sterilisation of Medical Devices (Consultant Interpreter), Berlin (2016) 

EphMRA German Local Chapter Meeting, Berlin (2016) 

Telekom TC Convention 2016, Berlin (2016) 

Press Conference on LIGO — Detection of Gravitational Waves — Max Planck Institute, Hannover (2016) 

Forum on the Future of Lignite Coal and New Energies in Europe, Berlin (2016) 

International Congress Reflexology, Podology and Postural Therapy, Berlin (2016)  

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, Berlin (2016)  

EURASIA and Armed Radicalism, Berlin (2016) 

Identity And Exile — Iran between community and fragmentation, Berlin (2016)  

Internationale Jahrestagung Energiewirtschaft, Dresden (2015)  

Personal- und Aufsichtsratssitzung der Pelikan AG, Berlin (2015) 

Schulung zur Produkteinführung eines Aspergillose-Medikaments, Dresden (2015) 

Pressekonferenz zur Produkteinführung einer Vollsphärenkamera im Rahmen der IFA, Berlin (2015) 

13. Brandenburger Außenwirtschaftskonferenz, Potsdam (2015) 

Konferenz IT und PAYPAL, Berlin (2015) 

TTIP Podiumsdiskussion mit Politikern und Vertretern der US-amerikanischen Zivilgesellschaft, Berlin (2015)

Verschiedene Termine für Preisverhandlungen mit Pharmazeutischen Unternehmern und dem Spitzenverband der Gesetzlichen Krankenkassen, Berlin (2015) 

Google Life Science Experten-Interviews, Berlin (2015)  

Journalisten-Fortbildung 'Political Campaigning', BPA, Berlin (2015) 

WWF Konferenz "Energiewende Digitalisieren", Berlin (2015)

Studienprogramm für Journalisten aus Subsahara-Afrika, Berlin (2015)

Konferenz und Ausstellung "Stage Set Scenery), Berlin (2015)

Konferenz "Erfolgreiche Ansätze zur Bekämpfung der Arbeitslosigkeit in Europa, Berlin (2015) 

EBR Konferenz, Stockholm (2015) 

Konferenz "Die Rolle der Finanzinstitutionen in der Post-2015-Agenda ", Berlin (2015)

Master Card Board Meeting, Berlin (2015) 

EESC Conference "Shaping the Future of Network Corridors", Stockholm (2015) 

Interviews im Rahmen der Forschungsstudie Wundversorgung, Berlin (2015) 

T Systems Annual Conference, Berlin (2015)

Internationale Konferenz und Ausstellung 3-D-Druck, Berlin (2015)

Zweite Lesung der Verordnung zum Einheitlichen Europäischen Luftraum, Berlin (2015)  

IT im Gesundheitswesen, ConHit Messe und Ausstellung, Berlin (2015) 

Frühberatung und Anhörung vor dem Gemeinsamen Bundesausschuss (G-BA) für verschiedene Medikamentenhersteller, Berlin (2015) 

Wasser Berlin International, Berlin (2015) 

Seminar 'AGREE 2015 Trilateral',  Berlin (2015)  

Foreign Trade Conference — Foreign Trade Impact on Central & Eastern Europe,  Dresden (2015)  

FONAP General Assembly / Sustainable Palm Oil,  Berlin (2015)  

German National Cancer Plan — Informed Decision-Making — Quo Vadis?,  Berlin (2015) 

FHB 2020 — ESF Mission Towards An Entrepreneurial University,  Berlin (2015)

Forum Dental Implants, Budapest (2015) 

AZ Expert Forum Diabetology, Berlin (2015) 

A Shared View of Europe — Jewish and Muslim Experiences Reflected in Public Controversies", Berlin (2015) 

NOVALED Staff Day, Dresden (2015)

TEVA Research and Development — International Press Conference, Berlin (2014) 

"Media and Minorities. Issues of Representation in International Media", Berlin (2014) 

Munksjø EWC Conference, Stockholm (2014) 

Willy-Brand Speech 2014, Lübeck (2014)  

4th European History Forum: The Science of History, Exploited by Propaganda in Times of War, Berlin (2014) 

5th Round table on Inclusion in Development Cooperation, BMZ, Berlin (2014) 

SAP Business Innovation Summit (Consulting Conference Interpreter), Berlin (2014) 

17th ITI Software Symposium "Building Bridges", Dresden (2014) 

Meet the Press, with Eberhard Diepgen, retired governing mayor, Berlin (2014) 

Workshop on the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin (2014)  

German-Indian Supreme Judicial Court Dialogue Programme and Conference, New Delhi (2014) 

International Staff Day & Konferenz / Organic LEDs, Dresden (2014) 

European Workers Council Meeting, Stockholm (2014) 

Forum "The City of Tomorrow" — Hamburg and Chicago, Hamburg (2014)

Leaders Seminar Africa, Hamburg, Berlin (2014)

Annual General Meeting and Supervisory Board Meeting Herlitz, Berlin (2014)

6th International Seminar on Security and Cooperation, Radebeul (2014)

Energy Security Summit MSC/FAZ, Berlin (2014) 

Media Award Ceremony and Berlin Commission Meeting, Berlin (2014)

Kickoff Triumph Adler, Berlin (2014)

AGM Forum Sustainable Palm Oil, Berlin (2014) 

Supervisory Board SECURITAS, Berlin (2014) 

Perceptive Software Convention, Berlin (2014)

conHIT  IT in Healthcare, Berlin (2014)

Arbitration Negotiations / EBR International Subtitling Media, Berlin (2014)

Kickoff NovoNordisk, Köln (2014)

tazlab TAZ Congress, Berlin (2012, 2014)

Annual General Meeting SENATA Gruppe, Berlin (2014) 

Study Programme for Politicians from the Philippines, Dresden, Berlin (2014) 

International Hotel Investment Forum (Consulting Conference Interpreter), Berlin (2014) 

Internationale Expert Meeting on Security and Cooperation in Asia after the scheduled withdrawal of ISAF troops, Cadenabbia, Italy (2014)

'Cancer Therapy — Innovation from the Sea' (Consulting Interpreter), Berlin (2014)

JCIAHO Hospital Accreditation Survey, Koblenz (2014)  

G-BA early consultation meeting for pharmaceutical drug appraisal, Berlin (2012, 2013, 2014)

Symposium Dental Implantologie, Berlin (2014)

Hamburg Hernia Symposium, Hamburg (2014)

Development Dialogue Pakistan, Berlin (2014)

2nd International Archons Conference, Berlin (2013)

Conference on Estonia: Cooperation Development, Schwerin (2013)

9th Financial Planners Forum, Berlin (2013)

JCIAHO Accreditation Survey, Greiz (2013)

Middle East Peace Conference „Will there Be Peace After Armistice“, Bundestag, Berlin (2013)

Deutsche Bahn Group Conference / Workshop Management, Business, Transport, Berlin (2013)

JCIAHO Accreditation Survey, Chemnitz (2013)

Commemoration and Inauguration Ceremony at former concentration camp Ravensbrück, Fürstenfeld (2013)

100th International Congress for the Brewing and Beverage Industry, Bitburg (2013)

Youth in Africa Conference, Berlin (2013)

Water Forum Berlin, Berlin (2013)

Shortcut Conference, Berlin (2013)

National Planning Commission Delegation Nigeria, Berlin (2013)

Anniversary / Conference Modern Sensor Technology, Berlin (2013)

Conference on Raw Materials in Saxony, Freiberg (2013)

MDS Foundation — Patient Forum Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Berlin (2013)

GIZ Green Cities Conference, Berlin (2013)

Study Program for Parlamentarians from Sudan and South Sudan, Berlin, Erfurt (2013)

RIAS Commission Meeting + Award Ceremony, Berlin (2013)

EU Conference on the 4th EU Railway Package of the European Commission, Berlin (2013)

Showtech Show & Exhibition, Berlin (2013)

High Level Delegation from African Union Commission, Berlin (2013)

DAAD Meeting of high-level Energy Experts at the Biomass Power Plant Hennigsdorf (2013)

Study Program for Politicians and Scientists from Uganda, Berlin (2013)

Gala for IFA Bosch Siemens, Berlin (2013)

Seminar on urban and municipal policy procedures, Berlin, Jena, Weimar (2013)

JCIAHO Accreditation Survey BwZK, Koblenz (2013)

Technical Symposium on Dust Emission Sampling and Measurement, Dresden (2013)

Management Seminar: 9th Brand Trust Future Circles, Berlin (2013)

Seminar on Women's Policies in Germany, Berlin (2013)

ITI Symposium Technology, Dresden (2013)

100th International Congress for the Brewing and Beverage Industry, Bitburg (2013)

Annual Sales Meeting of Chiesi Group, Fleesensee (2013)

Symposium "Human Rights in Myanmar", Berlin (2013)

International Hernia Symposium, Berlin (2013)

Annual Conference on Orthopaedics, Zeulenroda (2013)

Agriculture in the focus (MP Neil Carmichael), Berlin (2012)

Symposium of Hügli AG, Berlin (2012)

GHEC 1st Global Home Schooling Conference, Berlin (2012)

EU Coater Meeting / Dörken MKS-Systeme, Berlin (2012)

Technical Symposium ITI „SimulationX Fluidtechnik, Automobiltechnik, Green Building
, Dresden (2012)

DEWEK Conference on Wind Energy, Bremen (2012)

GIZ Conference: Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, Berlin (2012)

Anna Lindh Journalist Award Ceremony, Berlin (2012)

Seminar on local and party politics in Germany, Berlin, Jena, Erfurt (2012)

International Sales Conference Schaltbau/Innotrans, Berlin (2012)

juwelo.tv live show, Berlin (2012)

World Economic Forum: "Visioning Workshop Global Healthcare Systems", Berlin (2013)

International Dansac Nurse Study Day (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2012)


Supervisory Board meeting, Steigenberger Hotel Group, Dresden (2012)

Expert forum Renewable Energies in Eastern Africa, Berlin, Cologne, Freiburg (2012)

SAP. IT Kickoff Meeting 2012/2013, Berlin (2012)

IBLS World Congress of Laboratory Medicine, Berlin (2012)

Political Forum: The Near and Middle East Today, as part of the program series "Nights of Ramadam', Berlin (2012)

Investors'Forum Innovative Minerals in cancer therapy, Berlin (2012)

Parlamentarians' Seminar Nigeria (2012)

GIZ Symposium: Innovative Models for a Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme in Asia, Berlin (2012)

Symposium: Enhancing Social Security for Unorganized Workers in India, Berlin (2012)

Fashion Week: Brand Days and Lenders' Meeting, Berlin (2012)

Cross-country seminar for CDP leaders, Bonn, Berlin (2012)

Specialist conference on worldwide refrigeration solutions /new technologies, Berlin (2012)

RWE Innogy Talk, Berlin (2012)

UN Convention Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (consulting interpreter), Berlin (2012)

RIAS Commission Meeting & Award Ceremony for Journalistic Achievement, Berlin (2012)

International Architects Symposium on Brutalism, Berlin (2012)

Conference "The Baltic Region in the European Union", Berlin (2012)

International Programm addressing Experts for Political Communication, Kiel, Hamburg (2012)

SAPERION Conference + Customer Convention, Berlin (2012)

tazlab TAZ congress, Berlin (2012)

German-Mexican Dialog on Climate Change (consultant interpreter), Dresden (2012)

CVBD World Forum, Berlin (2012)

GIZ Conference "Law Matters - Improving the Legal System in Transition Economies", Berlin (2012)

3rd International Symposium on Earthworks, Berlin (2012)

Kempinski Group International Press Conference / ITB, Berlin (2012)

99th VLB Brewery Symposium, Siegen (2012)

German Cancer Congress, Berlin (2012)

Steigenberger Group Convention, Dresden (2012)


International Accreditation of Healthcare Organisations, Berlin, Bad Soden (2011)

International Sales Conference and Customer Convention Orthopedics, Zeulenroda (2011, 2010)

Seminar "Diversity Monitoring für Hochschulen", Berlin (2011)

Conference "Departures in the arab world - development and perspectives", Berlin (2011)

GIZ/BMZ Symposium on International Development Cooperation, Berlin (2011)

CEREXA Seminar & Training Workshop, Berlin (2011)

Vodafone Annual Congress, Berlin (2011)

CDFE Seminar (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2011)

Seminar for Young Politicians from Southeast Asia, Erfurt, Berlin u.a. (2011)

Study Program for Think Tanks from SAARC-states, Berlin (2011)

UNESCO Conference on biospheres and climate change; 23rd meeting of

the MAC International Coordinating Council, Dresden (2011)

Symposium "How will the European Union resolve its crisis?", Berlin (2011)


Symposium on the Funding of Medical Devices, Berlin (2011)

Hamburg Environmental Forum, Hamburg (2011)

Process World, Berlin (2011)

General Assemblies of AVIA and EUROVIA (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2011)


AIBI International Congress, Berlin (2011)

Meeting of the Economic Committee, Visteon, Potsdam (2011)

Cooks's Medical Live Symposium on Hernia Surgery, Berlin (2011)

SAPERION Conference + Customer Convention, Berlin (2011)

Ravensbrück Memorial: Commemorative Act, Fürstenberg (2011)

Technical Symposium Hydrology "wat - Wasser", Berlin (2011)

GIZ Plenary "Gender and Diversity", Berlin (2011)

Council Meeting & Conference of European Liberals (ELDR), Berlin (2011)


European Healthcare Innovation Leadership Network Conference, Berlin (2011)


Symposium on Neurology & Stroke Prevention (Bconsultantinterpreter), Berlin (2011)


State Agency for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (Saxony):

"FLOODWISE" Symposium, Mühlberg (2011)

DB Mobility Network Logistics - Global Group Meeting, Berlin (2011)

Symposium "The Arab Spring - Recent Political Changes in the Arab World", Berlin (2011)

Technical Symposium EON Group, Berlin (2011)

EURO Conference "Which Pact for Europe", Berlin (2011)

Press Conference Kempinski Group, Berlin (2011)

Press Conference and Signing Ceremony of the Agreement on the 2nd Phase of Financing of the Nordstream Pipeline Project (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2011)

Introduction of the OECD's "Latin America Outlook 2011", Berlin (2011)

Visit of the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs and the Governing Mayor of Berlin to "südost Europa Kultur e.V.", Berlin (2011)

International HP User Conference "Shift 2011" (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2011)

Medical Symposium "2nd Hernia Days", Berlin (2011)

International Sales and Customer Convention Orthopaedics, Zeulenroda (2010)

The Berlin Senate's Conference on the Free Movement of Workers, Berlin (2010)

Cancun Symposium on Indonesia's Climate Protection Policy, Berlin (2010)

EU LAC Forum , Berlin (2010)

Symposium "Strategy for Multidrug-Resistant TB" (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2010)

Central Asian Parlamentarians Seminar, Berlin (2010)

2. Conference on the German Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning, Berlin (2010)

"Quo Vadis Orthopaedics", Symposium of the Otto Bock Foundation, Berlin (2010)

JCIAHO Accreditation Survey, Koblenz (2010)

17th EUMASS Congress for Social Medicine "Individualize Prevention and Epidemiology", Berlin (2010)

HEAT - Conference on mobile and storable heating energy, Berlin (2010)

Study and exchange program Media Journalism, Berlin (2010)

Int. Summer Conference of the German Beverage Industry, Berlin (2010)

Live transmission of Analysts Conference of Commerzbank, Berlin (2010)

Arcelor Mittal Supervisory Board meeting, Eisenhüttenstadt (2010)

Pall Symposium on blood filtration" (consulting interpreter), Berlin (2010)

Med. Symposium "Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Day", Berlin (2010)

Workshop & Conference on Italian Fashion (Fornari) (consulting interpreter), Berlin (2010)

15th World Congress of "Inclusion International", Berlin (2010)

Symposium on counterterrorism with int. journalists, Berlin (2010)

Int. Conferece on "Fragile States", Berlin (2010)

Congress of "Liberal International", Berlin (2010)

IT Kongress "Process World", Berlin (2010)

Workshop and Conference on Neurology / Stroke Prevention / Takeda Symposium, Charité, Berlin (2010)

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Exchange Programs between Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the American Jewish Committee", Berlin (2010)

SKY Germany Anniversary, Schwerin (2010)

SAPERION IT Congress "Licence to Efficiency", Berlin (2010)

International Congress „Information Processing for Healtcare Organisations“, Berlin (2010)

Training Program for Medical Practitioner participating in an Asthma-related clinical trial, Potsdam (2010)

European Union Forum – Latin America and the Caribbean, Berlin (2010)

4th JCIAHO Accreditation Survey, Chemnitz (2010)

7th Bankruptcy Law Day "The Bankruptcy Landscape after 2009", Berlin (2010)

Presentation of the "Fit for Work" Report (Working with chronic diseases), Berlin (2010)

Presentation of the World Bank Report „Global Economic Prospects 2010“, Berlin (2010)

HOLOGIC Global Sales Meeting + Symposium Diagnostic + Surgical (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2010)

Pfizer Convention "Primary Care" (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2010)

Continental Europe Sales Meeting of the HBB Armstrong Group (consultant interpreter), Berlin (2009)

Denkwerk Zukunft/Foundation for Cultural Renewal: 1st Conference „Better instead of more – Prosperity in the 21st century“, Berlin (2009)

Supervisory Board Meeting NextiraOne, Berlin (2009)

International Symposium "Security and Cooperation in the Golf Region", Berlin (2009)

Forum "PR China's 60th anniversary - A global power to balance internal dynamics and global responsibility", KAS/inforadio RBB, Berlin (2009)

Forum & Conference, "Federation or Confederation – where does Europe go after the Lisbon treaty?", Berlin (2009)

Panel of experts, organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation: "Africa's Great Lakes region: The consequences of an abundance in natural resources", Berlin (2009)

International „United States European Command – Interagency Symposium“, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (2009)

Consecutive interpreting for US journalist meetings at the Federal Ministry for Transport, Construction and Urban Development, Berlin (2009)

GASAG Press Conference: market launch of micro CHP plants, Berlin (2009)

Consultant interpreter for the CME symposium on pharmacology and statistics, Athens (2009)

Visit of representatives from ASEAN countries to discuss human rights issues in Berlin und Brussels, Berlin (2009)

Sky Product Launch Campaign / Retail Sales Convention, Dresden (2009)

25. Board Meeting of Rias Berlin Commission, Berlin (2009)

Kaizen Certification Process - Assessment for TPM consistency of a packaging manufacturer, Berlin (2009)

CCT2009, Fourth International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies / 3rd International Freiberg Conference on IGCC & XtL Technologies, Dresden (2009)

Overcoming the Past - Justice in Transformation Processes; Visit of Legal Experts from the Worldwide Rule of Law Program, Berlin (2009)

3rd JCIAHO Accreditation Survey, Görlitz (2009)

International Congress „Information Processing for Healtcare Organisations“, Berlin (2009)

Extraordinary general meeting of US Fonds und Asset Management, Berlin (2009)

Consultant interpreter for plenary and workgroups at the CME symposium on pharmacology and statistics for physicians from Germany, Mexico and Russia, Berlin (2009)

11th Federal Congress on Political Education, Halle/S. (2009)

Round table talk EU Commission: New trends in cross-border card payments /SEPA/PSD, Berlin (2009)

12th European Congress "European Security in the 21st Century", bcc Berlin (2009)

International Symposium, Forum Environmental Technologies & Services as part of the International Specialiyed Fair for Environmental Technolog, CCL Leipzig (2009)

Television, live broadcast of the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, SevenOne Intermedia, Berlin (2009)

International Symposium "Science in the Field", Berlin (2008)

Television, live broadcast of the opening religious services "Brot für die Welt", Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Berlin/ARD (Working Group of the Public Broadcasting Organizations of the Federal Republic of Germany) (2008)

Architecture competition for the reconstruction of the Berliner Schloss: Final round, judging & decision by the jury, Berlin (2008)

5th Brentano Lecture: "The Role of Asia in the 21st Century", Berlin (2008)

International Sales Meeting + Symposium; Hermes Group, Dresden (2008)

International senior management seminar "Government in Transition", Washington D.C. (2008)

1st European Congress for Integrated Medecine "The Future of Comprehensive Patient Care", Charité Berlin (2008)

Accreditation Ceremony, DRK-Kliniken Berlin (2008)

Sales & Finance Conference, GTG, Schkopau (2008)

24th Meeting of the RIAS Berlin Comission, Berlin (2008)

Parlimentary delegation from Nigeria, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Dresden (2008)

IBA conference on urbanism & infrastructure, Lutherstadt Wittenberg (2008)

Press conference with parliamentary officials from Pakistan & Afghanistan for the G8-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Initiative, Berlin (2008)

Parlimentary meeting to present results of the German-British work group, Berlin (2008)

BBR and BVMBS ‘Berliner Stadtschloss' feedback meeting, Berlin (2008)

International prize judging "Architecture and construction of the Berliner Stadtschloss/Humboldtforum", Berlin (2008)

"Green Ventures" Conference, Potsdam (2008)

Conference on national culture and regional integration ("Nationalkultur und Regionale Integration"), Goethe-Institut, Berlin (2008)

"Studentenwerke in Deutschland - APSSA Delegation to Germany" (2008)

British Chamber: New Year's Conference, Berlin (2006, 2008)

Management seminar on personal development, Visselhövede (2007, 2008)

"CHG-Meridian Kick-Off 2008", Berlin (2008)

Media rights day at the German society for eastern European studies (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde), Frankfurt (2005, 2006, 2007)

Conference, demographics & welfare "Age Management in Innovative Regions", Erkner (2007)

Professional conference "Building Bioenergy Landscapes..." (EU-Interreg III), Potsdam (2007)

Professional conference on the energy-efficient renovation of slab buildings (Plattenbau) (EU-Interreg III) Berlin (2007)

Management Seminar: Bringing Technology to Market, Berlin (2007)

Central Asian Parliamentarian Seminar Berlin, including the German Parliament (2007)

Podium discussion: Russia at the end of political cycle: Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges, Berlin (2007)

7th German building trade day (simultaneous/consecutive), Berlin (2007)

Professional conference "the future of continuing education" ("Zukunft der Weiterbildung"), German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Ahlen Westfallen (2007)

Television. Live broadcast of the MTV TRL Chart Show with Wyclef Jean, MTV Berlin (2007)

Conference, "Renewable energy within the framework of EU funding programs" ("Erneuerbare Energien im Rahmen von EU-Förderprogrammen"), Berlin (2007)

Symposium of the Merckle Recordati company, Berlin (2007)

Simultaneous interpretation of the infection/economics competence day at the Helmholz center for infection research, Braunschweig (2007)

Bilfinger Berger Symposium + Award Ceremony, Berlin (2007)

CWTVA conference, Berlin (2007)

"Defense Oversight" Conference, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Marshall European Center for Security Studies (2007)

Conference, German federal ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) "Peace Needs Development", Berlin (2007)

TISCANA "K 2007" press conference, Frankfurt/Main (2007)

German parliament: discussion with economic experts from the SPD section of the parliament about the 'International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests', Berlin (2007)

Annual general meeting of the TAG Tegernsee real estate and investment, inc. (TAG Tegernsee Immobilien- und Beteiligungs AG), Hamburg (2007)

IFA Conference, organized at Schmalz & Schön Eurocargo company GmbH, Berlin (2007)

Workshop "Technological processes in the animal feed industry" ("Technologische Prozesse in der Futtermittelindustrie"), Neue Messe, Leipzig (2007)

Grand opening of the new photovoltaic cell plant in Dresden (2007)

International Medical Meeting "Reflect 1", Berlin (2007)

German society of foreign policy (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik) conference regarding European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) (2007)

Shareholders and board of directors meeting, Odewald & Cie., Berlin (2005, 2006, 2007)

Presentation of the World Bank report "Global Economic Prospects 2007", Berlin (2006)

Survey & Audit, DaimlerChrysler, Berlin (2006)

Russia and the German EU Presidency, Berlin (2006)

XXXVIII. Northern European discussion: Cooperation on the Baltic sea, Kiel (2006)

Congress "Digitalization & Internationalization" ("Digitalisierung und Internationalisierung"), Axel Springer, Berlin (2006)

IC2 - The dawn of a new era in heart diagnostics and prevention, Berlin (2006)

Sage Conference "Partner 2006", Dresden, Hamburg (org.) (2006, 2007)

International trade show and conference for networked living, Berlin (2006)

Petersburger Dialog, Inc. "Science and preventatory health measures..." ("Wissenschaft & Gesundheitsvorsorge..."), Dresden (2006)

22nd Congress Alzheimer's Disease International, Berlin (2006)

9th Int. CERCLES Conference "Language Centres at Universities", Frankfurt (2006)

"Goldschmidt Group Meeting" Symposium, Radebeul (2006)

Awards ceremony for the "Junior Solar World Einstein Award", Dresden (2006)

SAB expert symposium for urban development, Dresden (2006)

Conference, "New Labour Market Possibilities", EQUAL, Berlin (2006)

CPI Congress on concrete materials, Berlin, Vockerode, Doberlug (2006)

Conference, "European service policy" , Dresden (2006)

NILEG board of directors meeting, Hannover (2006)

Television: dressage and horse jumping awards ceremony film documentation, Geneva (2006)

Television: Melodies for millions (Melodien für Millionen) ZDF (live), Chemnitz (2005)

Meetings of the advisory and director boards, AK Coface, Mainz & Berlin (2005, 2006)

Board of directors meeting and teleconference Bearingpoint, Berlin (2005, 2006)

In addition:
Regular translation and simultaneous interpretion assignments in connection with international public health certification and accreditation (13 days in 2005, 7 days in 2006, 12 days in 2007, 13 days in 2008, 20 days in 2009 and 2010), work for foundations and German federal ministries (approximately 60 days from 2005 to 2010), press conferences, market research studies (especially medicine, technology, pharmacology (approximately 40 days each year)), auditing/quality management and international advisory board, business, and personnel meetings.

Live simultaneous interpretation for public figures (selection)

Rigoberta Menchu Tom,
Nobel peace prize winner, Guatemala

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States of America

Bishop Mvume Dandala,
Secretary General of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC)

David Cameron,
Leader of the British Conservative Party and British Prime Minister

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine  

Hans-Gert Pöttering MdEP,
former President of the European Parliament

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Federal Foreign Minister 

Gerhard Schröder,
former Federal Chancellor of Germany

Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf,
former minister-president of the free state of Saxony

Prof. Wolfgang Thierse,
Vice president of the German parliament

Prof. Dr. Sibusio Mandlenkosi Emmanuel Bengu,
South African ambassador

Prof. Youngmin Kwon,
Korean ambassador

Dr. Marek Prawda,
Polish ambassador

Christoph Heusgen,
Advisor of the Federal Chancellor

Sergei Yastrzhembsky,
Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation

Yashwant Sinha,
former Indian foreign minister

Maria David Evans,
Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Children's Services, Canada

Dr. Rupert Neudeck,
Founder of the Committee Cap Anamour/Deutsche Notärzte e.V.

Jean-Pierre Garnier,
Chairman, GlaxoSmithKline

Joschka Fischer,
former German foreign minister

Wolfgang Tiefensee,
German minister for traffic, building & urban development

Dr. Guido Westerwelle,
Federal leader of the FDP and minister of foreign affairs

Bernd Neumann,
Culture and media commissioner for the Federal Republic of Germany

Uri Dadush Ph.D.,
Director of International Trade Department, World Bank

Philip J. Rotheram,
Senior Vice President Private Equity & Property Group

Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan,
President Viadrina Uiversity Frankfurt

Ahmed Ghubash,
Senior Investment Controller, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Mary Anne Normile,
Director of Foreign Demand and Competition (FDC) Branch in ERS's Market and Trade Economics Division, US Department of Agriculture

Philippe Starck,
Designer, France

Daniel Libeskind,
Architect, USA

Dr. h. c. Lothar deMazière,
Minister president a.D.

Prof. Dr. Rita Süßmuth,
former chairperson of the German Parliament

Heide Simonis,
former minister-president of the state of Schleswig-Holstein